The complete guide to Google Wave

Google WaveI love the level of immediacy the internet enables! I’ve only just received my invitation to establish a Google Wave account (I know – a late comer compared with the real enthusiasts) and have yet to really explore what it offers – but here’s something that will really help I’m sure – a complete guide to Google Wave, an unofficial guide written by a community of contributors and edited by Gina Trapani with Adam Pash.

The entire volume is available to view online, and is being considered a work in progress that will update in concert with Wave as it grows and changes.

An excellent example of the value of collaborative authoring and online publishing – now to find time to read it and begin exploring more of what Wave can offer me 🙂

One thought on “The complete guide to Google Wave

  1. An excellent guide, Derek, and being updated as this developer’s version of Wave is refined further. Some cynicism from commentators about Google Wave being released too early or about the difficulty of ‘wave’ management. I don’t agree. Certainly the guide is a superb summary for anyone beginning the journey. I am looking forward to discovering what teachers do with Google Wave. It’s one of those pieces of software whose limits are the limits of imagination. Good luck with your explorations! Cheers from Kaunas.

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