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I always enjoy reading the Technorati State of the Blogosphere reports each year as they provide some useful insights into what is happening in the online world with regards to the use of blogs.

This year the report is broken down into five sections:

  1. Who Are the Bloggers?
  2. The What and Why of Blogging
  3. The How of Blogging
  4. Monetization And Revenue Generation, Brands in the Blogosphere
  5. 2009 Trends: Political Impact of Blogging, Twitter Usage

The report is well worth a read – and I won’t try to summarise here as the information is provided in a very accessible and easy to understand way. Worth noting in particular section five which explores the relationship between the use of blogs and Twitter – trends I’d concur with when thinking about my own use of these two tools.

The one observation I would make, however, is when reading through section two of the report on the what and why of blogging (see graph above), education doesn’t appear as one of the topics. I find this surprising given the number of education-related blogs that appear to be around. One can only assume that those who blog from the education perspective have been counted among those represented in other categories such as “computers”, “personal musings” or simply “other”.

I for one would be very interested in understanding more of what is happening in the education sphere in relation to blogs – everything from education professionals blogging about developments in education practice, through to teachers using blogs for personal reflection, classes using blogs to celebrate and share learning and students using blogs as a de-facto e-portfolio.

Perhaps this could be a focus for 2010 Technorati??

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