Online debate

I’ve had a long time interest in using the online environment as a vehicle for promoting debate and engagement in critical issues.

Recently I was invited by Bryan Orme to take a look at CreateDebate, a website he and his colleagues have created to promote discussion and critical thinking in the classroom.

It’s an interesting looking concept – so I’ve created a simple debate based on the theme and issues in my previous blog post and invite anyone to add their thoughts – both pro and con – to the debate.

I’ve titled the debate “blended, virtual and mobile learning should replace face-to-face instruction” Take a look, add your thoughts and send me any feedback on what you think of the usefulness of the site.

One thought on “Online debate

  1. Hi Derek,
    When I click the link to have a look and add thoughts I get a message ‘Sorry you are not a debate moderator’ … what have I done wrong?

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