100 top sites for the year ahead

It’s that time of year again when people come out with their various lists and predictions…

My good friend Douglas up at the MoE alerted me to this post on the Guardian website, titled 100 top sites for the year ahead. The list is nicely categorised so you can find sites that meet your needs easily. The last list the Guardian published was in 2006, and the authors note that the biggest changes since then have been in the fields of collaborative online services that let people in different locations work simultaneously on projects.

Another point of note is the reference to the fact that many of the sites on this list weren’t around in 2006 – a sign of the rapid development of these sorts of tools. So too, a question about how many of them may still be around in another 2-3 years, given the economic climate that may not smile so favourably on free-for-use sites such as many of these are – something that Suzie has commented on on her blog.

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