Cloud Computing Panel

A wonderful discussion from an all-star panel at the recent ReadWriteWeb conference where they took a closer look at the implications of the current shift towards cloud computing and discussed the possible business models around it. The panel featured Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch,’s CEO Marc Benioff, Google’s Dave Girouard, and VMware’s CEO Paul Maritz. It was moderated by Tim O’Reilly.

(from ReadWriteWeb Weekly Wrapups)

2 thoughts on “Cloud Computing Panel

  1. Interesting stuff. Not sure I got where they really thought they would make money – but they all seemed game to give it a go and see!

    I got the argument about interoperability, but it sounded a little cosy at times.

    The judgement explicit in “mature dying models, such as Oracle” needed more evidence in my view – it’s in these guys interests to rubbish the old guard.

    They were fairer on Microsoft, but really were offering faint praise.

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