Future of the Internet Economy

SOEUL declaration.jpg Here’s a document that will be of interest to those who enjoy thinking about the “bigger picture” of the impact of the internet on society.

Over thirty Ministers (including NZ’s David Cunliffe, Minister for Health, Minister for Communications and Information Technology) met on 17-18 June 2008 in Seoul to consider social, economic and technological trends shaping the development of the Internet Economy. They forged broad principles that can provide an enabling policy environment for the Internet Economy that are recorded in this publication.

The group express their… “common desire to promote the Internet Economy and stimulate sustainable economic growth and prosperity by means of policy and regulatory environments that support innovation, investment, and competition in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector,” and their intention… “to work together to promote ubiquitous access to ICT networks and services enabling widespread participation in the Internet Economy.

A read through this document provides a good understanding of the underpinning principles and philosophy behind the investment of many governments in the infrastructure required for this to occur. Let’s hope we see the current impetus in New Zealand continue in line with these principles and statements of intent!

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